Temple Timings : 1) During Jatara Days temple is open 24 hrs round the clock 2) Any day of the year(365 days), Non-Jatara days its 6am to 6pm

Accommodation:- Safe Forest Area, with good Blacktop Roads. In Warangal City you can avail decent Hotel Accommodation.

Being a forest/Tribal area Hotels / constructions are not permitted. Devotees either stay under trees or bring Tents / camp tents to build their own accomidation around the temple area.

Medaram is Located about 90 KM from Warangal District . From Hyderabad it’s about 180 KM.  

Cooking / Food : Infront of temple entrance you have several tiny shops where they cook for a nominal charge, you need to provide them with the ingredients like Masalas / Chicken / Mutton / tamotos etc etc.

Traveling by Train : From Hyderabad to Warangal you can take the train ( reservation should be done well in advance) and From Warangal you can get number of buses to Medaram during Jatara (festival) time.

Traveling by Bus: first you need to reach Warangal by any Bus and from there you can get number of buses to Medaram during Jatara (festival) time.

Driving Directions :  click on the link to launch MAP from wikimapia.org. Link http://wikimapia.org/s/#y=18113224&x=79849319&z=11&l=0&m=m&v=2 width=250 height=250 frameborder=0